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Y2 This weeks homework…..

Year 2 Homework- Friday 20th March 2015
Thank you children for all of your safari jeep designs! They look fantastic! Next week in school we will be making them in our D&T lessons! So, we would like you to bring to school a cardboard box, preferably a shoe box as they are usually much sturdier than cereal boxes. However, any box will do! If you have any smaller boxes which you would like to use in addition, ie, for the roof, then bring them too. Please bring it to school by Wednesday 25th March at the latest.
Also, we have been working really hard on multiplication and division in school recently, and so we have set some activities for you to complete on Mathletics! Don’t worry if you cannot access it from home, just let one of the teachers know and we will have a session together in school!
Thank you for your continued support! The Year 2 team 