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Welcome back Year 2… I hope you’ve all had a very exciting half term!

den 3

Well this first week back we’ve got a very exciting week! We are visiting the Church on Wednesday – we do need parent helpers, if you know anyone that could help us out? and we are Den Building!!! How exciting.. we will be going down to the outdoor garden to build a den down there, then..we will be making a den inside the year 2 area! I can’t wait! I am so excited!!

See you all bright and early tomorrow!

Miss Davies :)

An acrostic poem..

Well..what another exciting day in Year 2!


We have entered a competition and made our own acrostic poems about our ‘Space’ context… we have sent them away with the postman..Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!!

I would like us to make an acrostic poem on the blog… you will need to follow the instructions carefully for it to work!.. (The link to the competition is here just incase you have forgot how to do an acrostic poem).

Read the words… ‘ FANTASTIC ALIEN ADVENTURES IN THE SWINGING SIXTIES’- these words will be the starting letters of the acrostic poem..please ’REPLY’ to the last comment so they go in order! 


An exciting, but busy day!

Hi 2D!

Well I don’t know about you…but I’m really tired..(chair dancing is hard work) the 60′s dancing today was fabulous!

You all tried your best learning the new dances and routines! I am super proud of each and everyone of you! WELL DONE!

What type of dance have you learnt today?

What was your favourite part of the day?

I look forward to reading your comments!

Miss Davies :)


Y2 Homework

HI Year 2;

This week your homework is MATHS. You have been given addition and subtraction problems to complete.

Mrs Parker would also like you to learn the following song… there is a link below :)

thanks, Miss Davies :)