Monthly Archives: January 2016

Is that my Mummy?

Hello Year 3,

I hope your having a nice weekend, last week you did a fantastic job mummifying those teddy bears.  They look ready to be put into a pyramid!  Later this week, you will be writing about how you mummified the bears but i’d like you to do a little bit of research first.  I want to know all the gory details!   Make sure you use a child friendly search engine like Kidrex and see what you can find out. 

Good luck,

Mr Ibbotson

Wow Day

Image result for ancient egypt


Yesterday was our first day in Ancient Egypt Year 3, did you have fun?  Both Miss Cullen and I had a great day starting to learn about Egypt; reading ‘Plot on the Pyramid’ and seeing you all in your costumes.  What was your favourite part?  By the way, is there anything you are looking forward to learning about?

We look forward to reading your replies.

Mr Ibbotson and Miss Cullen