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The 4 Plains of Texas!

In conjunction with our class text ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher the children have put their geographical knowledge to the test and have been locating the state of Texas and its surrounding neighbours. Working in groups the children identified the four regions of Texas and described the physical features that make up their differing landscapes.

We will be continuing to compare and contrast the regions throughout the term building up a depth of understanding that will enable us to write an interesting and factual piece of writing.

texas map

How good is your knowledge? Can you label the four plains of Texas?

Hard Labour!!

The children have spent the afternoon experiencing hard labour as prisoners in Victorian times.

Year 6 Your Final Year!

Hi Year 6,

We hope you all have had a fantastic summer break and are all refreshed and ready to start your final year at Wood Fold with a bang! Our context for this Half Term is all about magic and wonder; we will be reading ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross Makenzie and think you are going to love its use of imagination and description.

Have you read any books over the holiday? We would love to here what you’ve been reading.

Mr Thompson and Miss Kelly